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FSD Reward Points Program - Here is how it works: Our community of Boat builders, Woodworkers, DIY and Wholesale Customers are always ready to help other people. We are very proud that so many of them have contributed by writing a product review or by sharing a photo on our Forum.

That is why we have built the FSD Reward Points Program. We want to reward our customers, the people who are helping the FSD community and encourage more people to contribute as well. Every time you contribute or shop in our online store, you'll earn points as well as improve the shopping experience for other people like yourself.

Getting started is easy:

You must have a FSD Account to participate.
Register or Login, once you are logged in you can write a review on a product that you have previously purchased or you can interact with other reviews.

Points are good to apply towards discounts for future purchases.
A way for us to say "Thank You" to our repeat customers!

Points can be earned in a variety of ways from posting a review, sending us a testimonial, signing up for our newsletter, liking our Facebook page, following us on google+, posting on our message board and you can earn points by making a purchase.

How to earn FSD Reward Points Every time you log-in and post a review or interact with the community you will be rewarded with points. Different actions receive different point totals.

•Write A Product Review on the site - 10 pts.
Send us a customer Testimonial - 10 pts. (include your FSD user email address in the email to get credited)
•Make a Purchase - Points vary for each products. (Automatically added to your account once you place your first order.)
•Post your project with pictures on our Message Board - 20 pts.
Newsletter Signup - 5 pts. (You must have an FSD account to get credited)
•Like our Facebook Page - 5 pts. (After liking our page, send us a private message through Facebook with your name & email address to get credited)
•Follow us on Google+ Page - 5 pts. (Send us your name and email address to get credited)

Example:  25 points equal $1! So if you spend $100 in our store, you will get $4 off your next order!

How do I know how many points I have?

•Log into your account.
•You should see in the welcome message how much you have.
•Alternatively, you can click on modify profile and you will see the total points you have left at the top.

Do I have to create an account to collect points?

•Yes. In order for us to track how many points you earn and spend, we need for you to have an account. Login or Register before placing an order.
•You need to log into your account to be able to spend your points.

How do I use my points to pay or help pay for an order?

Login to your account.
•Add items to your cart.
•Upon checkout, select "Pay with Points" payment method.
•Enter the amount of points you want to apply to this order.
•Click "Submit Order"
•If you don't have enough points to pay for the entire order, the cart will prompt you for another payment method.

How do I know how many points I have earned per order?

Log into your account.
•Click on "Orders History".
•Select which order you want to look up.
• There you will see the Points Earned for this Order and any Points Applied for a discount.


* A few products are not eligible for collecting points. Some that are not eligible are product. See product details for the product you are interested in to see the # of points you will receive!

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