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Partall® Film #10

Partall® Film #10

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    Polyvinyl Alcohol

    Partall® Film #10 is a water/alcohol-based polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) mold release agent that forms a barrier between parts and mold surfaces that are still curing (green or recently reconditioned molds can be reactive).  Partall® Film #10, the original green parting film, is resistant to solvents and styrene yet is water soluble. Protects against mold hang ups with polyester and vinylester resins; also used with epoxy and urethane resins. PVA is most commonly applied over mold release wax although some users find success by adding wax over the PVA film (giving a second part cycle before replacing PVA.) Partall® Film #10 can also be used as a surface cure agent during gel coat repairs (locks out moisture in the air that inhibits resin cure). Now improved for easier lay out, Partall® Film #10 allows application by brush, roller, sponge or cloth as well as excellent spray characteristics. 

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    Customer Points: 5
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