Coremat 1.4mm 39.37" width


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X-Cell’s X-Mat is a non-woven, thin mat fabric impregnated with micro-spheres. The product is specifically designed to be used both as a print blocker and thin, flexible core material. When used between the gel-coat surface and the structural glass portion of the laminate, X-Mat (2-3mm) works as an excellent print barrier. The added benefit is a stiffer laminate generated by the thickness of the X-Mat. In molded area where conventional, rigid core materials will not conform, X-Cell Composites offers X-Mat (4-5mm) as a superior option to solid glass laminates. Sandwiched between structural fiberglass, the X-Mat is a light weight alternative to building bulk with heavy, solid glass. Additional Features Include: Fast & Easy Trimming and Handling Resin Savings High Deformation Properties Improved Stiffness and Impact Resistance Save Labor, Time and Weight

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