Corona Brushes

Quality, hand-crafted paint brushes, rollers and painting accessories for professionals and non-professionals.

Corona offers the most complete assortment of paint rollers for all types of marine coatings.

  • All Corona Marine roller covers are epoxy-set on super strong, solvent-resistant phenolic cores for an extra level of quality in rolling and durability.
  • Our unique fabrics include Woven materials formulated for super-smooth application of urethanes, enamels, thin-bodied bottom paints and other coatings where appearance and finish are of critical importance.
  • For production work, we offer our Knitted Polyester covers for speedy application of thicker resins, bottom paints and other coatings.
  • We also offer high quality specialty roller sleeves for application of adhesives and popping resin bubbles, and short nap foam covers for urethanes, varnish and enamel undercoats.


Count on Corona to deliver the finest roller covers for today’s marine market. Anchors Aweigh!

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