Duratec | Sunshield Clear Polyester Topcoat 904-061


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Duratec SunShield Clear Polyester Topcoat represents a breakthrough in polyester clear coat technology.The topcoat resists yellowing in sunlight; no sun blocking urethane is required for exterior use. The topcoat provides a high quality finish with good chemical resistance. This product has been specially formulated to be easy to sand and polish.

Here’s why you should use Duratec SunShield Clear Polyester Topcoat:
  • UV Resistance—resists yellowing when exposed to sunlight.
  • Application—easy to apply and sand.
  • Air-cure—no wax required.
  • Pre-promoted—for safety, consistency and easy use.
  • High Build—up to 18 wet mils, excellent pore filling.
  • High Gloss—polishes to a high gloss, ―wet look surface.
  • Chemical Resistance—highly cross-linked coating provides excellent chemical resistance.
  • Strength and Flexibility—excellent flexibility and impact resistance.
Performance Benefits
• Easy to apply
• Easy to finish
• High gloss finish
• Saves a step with only one product application needed,no urethane required.

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