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Description: 110 epoxy glue is a two-part putty type glue with an epoxy resin base. The part 1 resin is milky white. The part 2 hardener is amber. Both components are about the consistency of vaseline. The glue which results from equally mixing the two components is the strongest. yet developed by science.

Uses: Body repair sealant, bonding trim, brake linings, repairing gas tanks, gluing radio parts, tough marine glue joints, cabinet shops, gluing glass to aluminum, assembly and repair of fiberglass products, gluing together foam products and many other glue applications limited by your imagination. 

  • Adhesion- Unusually high adhesion to metals, glass, wood, ceramics, rubber and a wide variety of plastic materials.
  • Cohesion- When the resin is properly cured, the cohesion strength within the bond line is so strong and the adhesion of the epoxy to the materials so great that stress failure will often occur in one of the materials being bonded rather than in the epoxy. 
  • Shrinkage- Cures with only a small shrinkage compared to other adhesives. As a consequence, less strain occurs at the bond line and it is stronger. Shrinkage held to a fraction of 1%
  • Stability- Maintains its dimensions and shape under prolonged stress at elevated or sub-zero temperatures. This stability combined with outstanding tensile, shear and impact strength makes this epoxy glue unique among adhesives. 

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Aug 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
This product is fantastic stuff! I bought a gallon kit for use around the house. Since then, it's become my go-to for super gluing anything. I've used it for joining pieces of wood and creating frames - waterproof sealing, even securing a hinge that had gotten loose from rot.

The sales team was super helpful with other items I purchased, and answered all of my questions.

Advantages: Strong, tough, and durable.
Thick consistency that can be used for vertical surfaces.
Pretty good working time (~40 minutes in hot, hot conditions)

Disadvantages: None
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