Fasco 103 LVX Epoxy Resin System


Manufacturer: Fasco Epoxies
Weight: 4.25 lbs
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The size kits are as follows: 3 Pint kit, 3 Quart kit, 1.5 Gallon kit, and 3 gallon kits.

This epoxy comes in a slow setting and a regular setting speed. The slow set has a pot life of about 1 hour. Perfect for laminatiiong wood where you really want to let it dry slow and penetrate very well. The regular has a pot life of about 30 minutes. Good for getting the job done and not having to wait all day to sand.



General laminating epoxy system for fiberglass cloth's.
Warehouse docks, floors, sidewalks, walls, and general concrete application.
103-LVX can be mixed with sand to fill in large holes and cracks in concrete. It has enough strength to withstand heavy forklift traffic.
- For thin cracks or small holes, use 103-LVX as supplied.
103-LVX seals against leaks without shrinkage.

Making High Strength Epoxy Mortar:

* Mix 1 gallon of 103-LVX together with up to 3 gallons of 30-65 grade sand.
* Slope for drainage can be produced by using 103-LVX mortar.
* Gradations down to 1/8" can be produced without th cracking which would occur with concrete mortar.