Mold Release Wedges


Manufacturer: BODI
Weight: 0.10 lbs
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Mold Release Wedges

WHITE - Made of high grade plastic to resist breakage. This wedge is mainly used in a high production fiberglass shop to remove hand laid or spray up parts from the mold. It features a low cost so that a large number of these wedges can be utilized in the shop at any one time. Loss or disappearance of the wedge will be a minor concern because of the low cost. Also it has a unique 'textured" finish so it will not slip out of the users hand.

TAN - Flex wedge for inserting into compound curved mold edges. Mainly used to remove thin fiberglass parts from the mold.

GREY - Made of extremely high impact nylon. This wedge will reduce mold damage. this wedge is priced higher but will out last econo (white) wedge about 5 to 1. For shops that are cost conscious, this wedge will result in a much lower unit cost. The shop personnel will be able to remove 5 times more parts per wedge, before the insertion edge begins to degrade. A sharper insertion edge will insure that the mold edges do not get damaged, thus lower mold repair cost.

BLUE- Made of high grade plastic to resist breakage. Test have shown that this wedge outlast the competitors by not breaking when used in a "hammering" mode. The handle is longer than the competing brands and is ribbed for a better grip. The contour has a 90 degree corner so another wedge can be used against this corner for piggy back insertion into deep molds. also has a unique "textured" surface to allow a better grip for the user; even under wet conditions.