Raka 350 Non Blush Epoxy


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This hardener is second to none in its ability to resist blushing, white clouding and water spotting. Blushing is the greasy surface film on cured epoxy caused by humidity in the air as the epoxy cures.

We tried many non blushing type hardeners before we settled on the 350 formulation. Regardless of the most extreme humidity or cool dropping temperatures our tests show this hardener gives an excellent high gloss and clear, blemish free coatings. This formulation also has the best resistance to cratering and trapped air bubbles in the cured epoxy coating.

Raka 350 like our other hardeners has good strength properties, excellent water resistance and the best general chemical resistance of our hardeners. Cured epoxy using the 350 formulation will also give better flexibility to resist impact and wood deformation.

The 350 is mixed by volume one part hardener to two parts of our 127 or 900 H.P. Resins. This system has a good pot life approximately thirty minutes at room temperature yet is relatively quick curing compared to other hardeners and can be used in temperatures down to 60 F . The wide temperature use ability of this system will simplify the needs of many customers who do not want to have to carry a combination of fast and slow hardeners. 350 reaches a tack free stage quickly and can be sanded in less than twelve hours at room temperature. 350 is more expensive than our other hardeners but when combined with our economical Resins the average price per gallon is the best competitive value around.