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TR-104 HI-TEMP MOLD RELEASE : A firm Mold Release Paste Wax based on the highest quality refined Carnauba Wax blended with other synthetic high temperature ingredients and petroleum distillates.

PRODUCT FEATURES: ★ Ease of application and removal. May be allowed to stand at length and still polish wipe easily. ★ Provides hard film with superior heat and chemical properties. ★ Polishes to high gloss without streaking. ★ Reduced wax build up and styrene accumulation.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Dry Time: 5-10 minutes @ 720 F. Will vary depending on working temperature. Melt Points: 180-2100 F Penetration Hardness: 1 at 250 C (Carnauba Wax) Color: Light blue tint. Color-coded for identification.

USES: As release agent for Polyester/Fiber Glass molding on all FRP tooling, Formica, metal and other hard surface molds. ★ Open mold hand or spray lay-up ★ Compression molding ★ Resin transfer molding (RTM) ★ Vacuum bag

NOTE: Check suitability when heat curing or higher temperature molding above 2000 F. (940 C).

APPLICATION: On new or reconditioned tooling, suggest use of our sealer glaze TR-301 prior to waxing for added release, gloss and mold life. Apply wax with the sponge applicator in a thin even circular motion to the mold surface. Allow to haze dry (approx. 5-10 min.) and polish wipe to gloss finish. For new or reconditioned molds, apply minimum of 6 coats of paste wax, waiting approx. 30-60 minutes between applications for the wax to harden after your polish wipe. Best results obtained if after final application mold is allowed to stand overnight and a subsequent final coat of wax release applied following day prior to gel coating. Follow with a coat of wax for the first 2-3 parts released. Then determine how many parts can be effectively produced before rewaxing is required. Will vary depending on mold condition, configuration, type of resin, mold cycles, effective cure of production gel-coat and other factors.

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