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Gelcoat Pigment | Epoxy Pigment


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For use in Polyester Based Resins, Gel Coats and Epoxy. Normally use .5 oz. per quart (2 oz. per gallon). If the exact color you need is not available, a very true color "reproduction / match" can be achieved when mixing different color pigments together to "blend" into the color desired. The best way to color match is to put a small amount of the Gelcoat you will be blending on a flat surface such as a piece of cardboard in a very small quantity "such as the size of a quarter or half dollar" then add the color or colors to Blend to get the correct mix ratio. Then when you know how many parts of each color you need then you can mix the larger quantity in your mix cup. Don't worry about the shelf life on our color pigments, the shelf life on pigments can be measured in years even after opening and will remain fresh for reuse with a little stirring for future projects. We have many colors available such as black, dark blue, dark green, red, mustard, white, red, orange, and yellow.

When using white glecoat or epoxy you will not be able to get a dark color. If you need to make a dark green gelcoat or epoxy for example you will need to start with a neutral base. When using white gelcoat or epoxy as a base you will only be able to achieve a pastel or light color.