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shrink wrap tape

shrink wrap tape
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    For any type of shrink wrapping project there are two main types of tape used. The first one being, what we call a Shrink/Patch tape or Tear tape, because of it's pinked or serrated edge for easy tear capabilities. This tape is mostly used on shrink wrap surfaces for repairing holes and reinforcing stress areas. This tape has a very aggressive adhesive, so we recommend not using this tape on surfaces other than shrink wrap surfaces. The other tape that we use in the shrink wrapping process is a Preservation or Hull/Attachment tape. As an example, this tape is what is typically used to attach shrink film to the hulls of boats for shipping purposes. Shrink Wrap Solutions Preservation is a very high end tape that can be applied to non porous surfaces for extended periods of time and than be removed without leaving an adhesive residue. Applicators must be very careful applying adhesive products to painted surfaces, Shrink Wrap Solutions especially does not recommend this process. This tape can also be used for patching and reinforcing shrink film, but it is not a very cost effective process for this tape and purpose.

    Shrink/Patch Tape is stocked in 2" width by 180' in length. Each roll has an easy tear pinked/serrated edge and are individually wrapped in shrink wrap. UV inhibitors in the adhesive.


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