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Premium Polyester Resin


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Our polyester resin is a Iso blend resin, this is a perfect no-run, no-sag resin for marine repairs and boat construction. Iso resin is more flexible and waterproof then your traditional 100% polyester resin. Ideal for repairing hulls, decks, cabins, and tanks. Good for repairing all boat surfaces.  It is mixed with MEKP catalyst to harden. This resin is a low profile resin that does not need wax for it to dry tack free. This is the resin that most of the boat builders use when building new boats. Recommended you add hardener at 1% or 10cc per quart. This gives you approximately 20 minutes of working time.

We offer three different sizes of hardener with your resin.

The 15cc is enough hardener for a quart at 2%.

The 30cc is enough hardener for a gallon at 3/4%

The 60cc is enough hardener for a gallon at 2%.

If you are glassing below 75 we suggest getting the 60cc per gallon that way you do not run out of hardener.

Please check the mek chart prior to ordering so you get the right amount of hardener. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help. 772-464-0808

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